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Plattsmouth Middle School is growing and AOl’s Construction team was excited to help them build for their future. The latest project for school was a phased renovation that included the building of a new addition, renovating classroom pods, new stage flooring, new secondary gym flooring, new parking area, and complete removal and rebuild of the aging track and field. The project started over the summer and continued into the school year. Our construction team began the track rebuild by removing and excavating the existing track around the football field – including event pads for pole vault and long jump. Once excavation and the new sub-base was laid, a new curb was built and new drainage system installed. Fresh asphalt completed the modernization of running track surface. Final details such as the installation of the new event pads and lane striping will complete the track portion of the project. During this phase of the project AOI faced logistical challenges as an unprecedented amount of rain created overly wet conditions on the site and impeded the use of heavy equipment. To counteract the wet soil conditions and ensure the project timeline remained intact, our team used a tilling process to continually turn over the soil in the affected areas and accelerate the drying out of the site. The second most challenging piece of this large renovation was the 3,500 SF of additional classroom space to be tied into the preexisting school. The addition created the need for a separate sewer service to the facility, including the installation of 500 FT of new sewer line to the street. In order to mitigate disruption to the school and preserve the baseball practice area, AOI core drilled under the parking area and baseball field instead of using open trenching.

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