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With 31 varsity sports, Midland University is the flagship home to the largest athletic department in Nebraska and the dining seating especially needed to hold up to very active and daily use. Construction involved a complete remodel of the Dining Hall and common spaces, an addition of new serving stations, a Pizza Oven, and a new Foodie Bar for home-cooked, made-to-order entrées and other dining options. Outlets were also installed at tables, providing a welcoming space to charge electronics, work, eat and study. For the Dining Hall, AOI’s Furniture Division was also involved and worked with the client in providing several samples of dining chairs for approval. The dining chair that the client selected was especially well built and warrantied for users up to 350 pounds. The dining chairs were drop-shipped directly to the site, offloaded and then installed by AOI’s in-house installation team. This saved time and potential damage to the product that can sometimes happen when double handling furniture. In addition to the Dining Hall, the client wanted to furnish the adjoining Lobby to give students a place to touch down and wait for classes, study or get together with their friends. For this area, AOI provided upscale Herman Miller lounge seating and tables in the College’s school colors. The furniture, made by Herman Miller, was specifically selected for its quality so that it would stand the test of time in this heavily utilized area.

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