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AOI Healthcare products, capabilities, and processes revolutionize the way people work, heal and learn.

We help build environments that are adaptable, accommodating, and equipped to manage the unknown. Utilizing AOI’s fully integrated solutions means any space can immediately be converted to reflect changing circumstances and meet the evolving needs of the people using them.

Prescription for Success Through Collaboration

Working directly with the healthcare design community and solution manufacturers, we showcase the integration of technical specifications within healing environments. And rather than prescribe a solution, we inspire you to consider enhancements to the healing process for both your patients and staff. Meaning an elevated experience, with a bottom-line impact.

Client-Driven Enviroments

Our mission is to create innovative spaces that revolutionize the way people work, heal and learn. AOI’s design team solutions help clients create meaningful environments that respect the unique priorities and goals of people, teams, and organizations. Total customization results in spaces that support productivity, safety, and wellness.

Customizable Solutions

Using our software, clients can make real-time changes to their space with all of the pricing, manufacturing, and visual information calculated instantly. Clients have complete freedom when it comes to aesthetics, finishes, and dimensions. Design the perfect interior space for what you need now – and whatever the future brings. This is digital construction at its best.

AOI design teams are integrating and supporting the future of the healthcare industry. Check out our healthcare portfolio and see how we are WORKING TOGETHER.

Construction / Dirtt™

We are adept at delivering in the most sensitive of environments. Our professionally certified ASHE ICRA-construction team knows the protocols and procedures to ensure life safety and infection control. DIRTT Walls are ideal solutions for healthcare environments, allowing accessibility and universal furniture and equipment support. These solutions are constructed with less waste and noise than traditional construction, so healthcare operations can continue without disruption.


In the face of accelerating change, you can bring new facilities online faster, brace them to adapt to tomorrow’s needs, and do it all while elevating the experiences of people: caregivers, patients, and their guests. Our diverse portfolio allows single sourcing, flexibility, durability and adaptive solutions that span the entire healthcare facility floorplate. That saves time and reduces complexity, helping facilities open faster and generate revenue sooner.

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