The Plattsmouth Early Childhood Education Facility building was constructed in the 1940s. With an aging cast-in­place canopy attached to the building structure at the entrance, and original restrooms still in use, the building needed some improvements before the new school year was in session.

AOI was selected to perform the update to the front entrance and fully renovate the four restrooms. The deteriorating original concrete canopy entrance and vestibule was removed, and the team installed a modern storefront entrance for the facility that would meet current ADA and security requirements. Vestibule renovation included a new storefront with lots of glass to increase visibility, electronic locks for security and widening the interior doorways to accommodate accessibility. Upon demolition of the restrooms original plaster and lath walls, the construction team uncovered a plethora of issues inherent in the renovation of older buildings – including out of plumb walls, deteriorating pipes, and outdated electrical. The team worked diligently to correct and rectify all issues as they appeared. The Restroom renovations included replumbing walls with a plywood subbase and Dura rock to facilitate new tile, demolition and removal of the old tile floor and concrete subfloor, installation of new tile floors, wall tiles, paint, toilet patricians, toilet stools, urinals, sinks and accessories.

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