Portfolio  > St. Mary’s Hospital Renovation

This complex, multi-phase project consisted of renovating the hospital’s emergency room, trauma center, operating room and surgical suites – all while the hospital remained open and operational.

AOI worked with St. Mary’s to develop a phased construction plan, enabling the hospital to provide services to the community during renovation. To accomplish this, AOI constructed temporary entrances, set up alternate routes and redirected traffic. Extensive communication and signage were of utmost importance during this phase. To avoid any disruption during the operating room renovations, AOI coordinated closely with hospital staff and completed work adjacent to the area, including the surgery suites, after hours.

Because of the sensitive environment, AOI took extensive measures to eliminate dust and contamination. These measures included using negative air machines and sealing off job sites with four-layer puncture-resistant laminate walls. All materials and supplies that came in or out of the environment were sterilized and protected.

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