To support our unique, non-prescriptive approach at AOI, we built our dynamic workplace to act as a Learning Center for the built environment by leveraging and integrating concepts from Herman Miller’s Living Office and DIRTT’s Green Learning Center.

The reason we expanded and renovated our space was threefold — we needed additional space to accommodate our growth, we wanted to increase collaboration and gain more synergy across our three business units (Construction, Furniture and Architectural Products), and we wanted to demonstrate to clients how an innovative workplace can support the goals and transform the culture of a business, while attracting and retaining talent.

This creative and collaborative Learning Center at AOI lets clients, architectural partners and builders immerse themselves in the DIRTT and Herman Miller experience, while seeing our foundation as a construction partner. Our Living Office and Learning Center demonstrates how various attributes can be applied to any space, creating great architectural interest, yet still providing tremendous flexibility.

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