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Newson Task™

Designed by Marc Newson

The first step to greatness is sitting down

From the prolific mind of industrial designer Marc Newson is the Newson Task chair, featuring an organic design that’s packed with sophisticated hidden technology. The chair’s silhouette creates one continuous line with a cantilevered shape made possible by a brand-new tilt innovation — one that flips the mechanism vertically, so it’s concealed cleverly beneath the seat.

Knoll & Marc Newson

One of today’s prolific industrial designers, Marc Newson is exceptional in his ability to design things that people covet. For Knoll’s latest seating introduction, it was paramount to push beyond the expectations for performance and aesthetics to create something entirely new. With a history of working on art forms, finely tuned timepieces and technological breakthroughs, Marc Newson was the clear design partner.

Honoring the cantilever

The Newson Task chair is his first foray into ergonomic task seating, though it’s not the first time he has designed furniture with Knoll. Honoring the cantilevered chairs of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marc designed the Newson Aluminum Chair, a forward-looking expression that synthesizes simplicity, material and precision.

One continuous line creates the profile's cantilever shape which makes the seat appear to float

The soft, rounded shape of the back pulls your eye to the chair, offering an invitation to take a seat

Refined textures have been carefully selected to give every surface you touch a sense of luxury.

Simple design, meticulously crafted

Marc Newson designed the chair from all angles—ensuring every surface, component and seam meets his rigorous commitment to simplicity.

Precise performance with a personal fit

The elastomeric Honeycomb Back has a hammock-like effect that provides comfort so effortless, you barely notice it’s there.

An innovation in tilt mechanisms

The T1 Control utilizes a vertical spring system that allows you to tailor the tension and recline experience uniquely to you.

Take a Seat

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