Great comfort and ergonomic support at an attainable price

An Evolution of a Revolution

At Herman Miller, we believe that everyone deserves an exceptional experience throughout their day, so we created Verus. Redefining what an affordable work chair should be, Verus is a family of seating solutions that offers long- and short-term comfort and proper ergonomic support at an attainable price. Essential in its form, the chair makes a quiet contribution to the look of any space.


Made to our highest quality standards, Verus is backed by our 12-year, 3-shift warranty to ensure it works as hard as the people using it. By simplifying the chair’s form, using materials in a thoughtful way, and leaning on more than 40 years of experience supporting sitters of all types, we’re giving everyone a seat at Herman Miller’s work seating table.


Based on Herman Miller’s understanding of how the human body performs best, the chair’s seat and back were designed and engineered to target the structures of the body that need ergonomic support most. Herman Miller’s patented PostureFit® sacral support is standard in Verus and keeps the spine properly aligned. Optional height-adjustable lumbar support provides an added level of spinal support and comfort for the back’s lumbar region.


Verus has a quiet aesthetic that lends itself to nearly any workplace design. Upholster the chair in a broad range of material options — including vibrant colors, sophisticated neutrals, and statement patterns — that span varying price points.

A Full Family of Seating

The ergonomic comfort and attainable price of the Verus Chair also can be found in the Verus Stool and Side Chair. The work chairs, side chairs, and stools all feature an upholstered seat with the choice of either a suspension or upholstered back.


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